Linda Sibley
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When T.J. loses his father to Lou Gehrig’s disease,
he assumes the role of “man of the house”. After mowing yards doesn’t earn enough money,
he decides to become a
contestant on Whiz Kid  and wins big money.

While spending the summer on his grand- parents' Texas farm, Michael  makes friends with a Mexican teen by throwing a baseball back and forth across the Rio Grande River. 

Javier realizes his dream when he is adopted by 
Michael’s family and goes
to live with them in Dallas.  He attends private school
and earns a spot on the baseball team. Trouble begins when Javier re-
places Michael as pitcher..

When the star basketball player, Jesse Colter, is accused of stealing the money for new uniforms, Kevin steps forward to prove his innocence.
David and his family find a time machine and travel back to the 1800s to see what life was like 100 years ago.  They pick cotton and take a 
bath in a washtub as they live the life of a recently freed African 
American family.

David returns to1853 and helps a runaway slave family to the next station on the Underground Railroad.
David travels back to the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 and his 
Grandma meets her father as a boy..
David travels back to San Francisco in 1906 to save his friend from the earthquake.
David travels back in time and meets William Henry Lewis, an African American football hero.
David returns to 1849 and the California Gold Rush and discovers gold.
David returns to the Alamo, meets Davy Crockett, and almost loses his life in the battle.