Linda Sibley
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People often say that writing is hard work, but let me tell you a secret.  Writing is also great fun!  For instance, creating characters is one of my favorite things to do.  Will they be short or tall?  Sweet or cranky?  Bold or timid?  The possibilities are endless.  Then comes the plot.  Will they lose the basketball game?  Ride in a time machine?  Win a million dollars?  Just think about it.  As a writer, I can create characters and send them on a wild adventure anywhere in the universe!  I LOVE it!

​    Twelve-year-old Cooper Barnes believes nothing exciting ever happens in Danville, Texas--until the First National Bank of Danville is robbed! The suspects are captured, but the money somehow disappears. It takes a busted bike and a lump on the head, but Cooper finds the missing money, and he's named a hero. His boring life explodes into a media storm after his local interviews are picked up by every major network. Within hours his face appears on the internet with an article entitled Texas Teen Shows Amazing Honesty. He's even flown to New York City to appear on Good Morning America!
     The trouble is nobody knows that when Cooper found the money, he slipped two hundred dollar bills into his pocket. And after the media storm has passed, Cooper must decide if it's too late to do the right thing---knowing it will mean going from hero to zero.

     This ebook is available at Amazon.